Get access to Favcy portfolio startups that undergo rigorous pre-evaluation to make it
to the table.

1st Cheque is the Investor network arm of Favcy Venture Builder

Getting started as an angel investor is filled with risk and uncertainty.

  • How much capital should I be allocating?
  • What is the right valuation?
  • Do those terms make sense?

Join the 1st Cheque network and leverage Favcy's investment thesis for building your portfolio.

Startup investments are risky. We mitigate these risks through the process (and math) driven approach taken by Favcy Venture Builder for assessing the product and founder market fit at the very beginning.

High Table, High Road, High Returns

  1. Personal investment Manager -

    So you have absolute surety about the startup you’re backing.

  2. Pre-vetted startup deal flow -

    We do the hard work and mitigate the risks associated with early stage investments.

  3. Favsense Monthly Insights -

    Detailed updates on your investment portfolio so you stay on top.

  4. Favcy’s Security Net -

    With Favcy as a technology partner, we de-risk the zero to one startup journey.

  5. Diversify Your Risk

    Mimic the VC approach of picking industry winners access sectors.

Opening Day

Opening Day

Live founder pitches to the investors, followed by small breakout discussions and mingling opportunities. Interested in a deal? We'll connect you to the founder.


1st Cheque is an exclusive members only angel investors platform that helps you to build a co-investor network and hone your skills as an early stage investor. You also get an exclusive deal flow of risk-mitigated early stage startups where you can begin your startup investment journey by starting small and yet earning high returns.

As a Venture Builder, Favcy co-builds the product with the founders and co-invests with the investors in the startups. We do not act as merely matchmakers between startups and investors like other networks.

Favcy Venture Builder mitigates risk by onboarding the startups after a very rigorous evaluation process which includes -
1.  A DREK exercise (Differentiation, Relevance, Experience and Knowledge). It is a proprietary software that scans the idea across other 5000 odd competitive startups.
2.  LTV and CAC Model - Lifetime Value to the customer acquisition cost is our preferred business modelling exercise. We undertake this with stage 2 qualified startups. Post this, we are in a position to ascertain whether the business model will be profitable.
Only once we get a positive outcome from the above two exercises, we present the startups to our 1stCheque investors for investment consideration.

Anyone who wants to profit and give back to the start-up ecosystem could be a great 1st cheque investor. If you are looking to explore startups as an investment option and experience the multiX growth offered by this asset class, this is the right place for you. The most secure way to learn the ropes and start your startup investment journey.

You can start with as small as Rs.1L investment per startup. Depending on your annual investment propensity, we make suggestions on how to diversify your investments to further mitigate the risk and maximise the returns.

1st Cheque investors can expect a 3X multiplier on their 1st cheque investment at the time of their first round of valuation being filed at the RoC. Returns can be expected to be much higher if they remain invested for longer periods of time.

If you have invested Rs.10L - whenever the first round of equity valuation takes place, your Rs.10L will be valued at Rs.30L i.e. you get equity shares worth Rs.30L at the time of first valuation (first formal external fundraise round for the startup).